April updates from DivX Labs

DivX Labs, our technology playground, has been very active over the last month. Just in case you missed it, here is a brief summary of updates:

  • DivX Web Player 1.4.1 Beta 1 is now available and features improved support for Windows Vista, including better video quality and support for Internet Explorer 7 when running in Protected Mode. DivX Web Player can be used to play high-quality DivX (and XVID) video served from any regular web server with zero server-side configuration required.
  • DivX Player 6.8.1 Beta 1 features support for large files, QuickTime videos, a Direct3D renderer, and the DivX 6.8 decoder, as well as enhancements to subtitle quality and fast-forwarding.
  • DivX Converter 6.6.1 Beta 1 supports QuickTime 7.4 and better handles multilingual audio and subtitles.
  • DivX Mobile Player 0.90 makes installation easier through signed packages, improves battery life with better power management, supports alternate screen orientations for the Motorola Q and Windows Mobile phones, and is now localized for Spanish and Portuguese. Windows Mobile 2003+ and Symbian OS 9+ downloads are available from the DivX Mobile Community homepage. Please note that you need to subscribe to the DivX Mobile Community group to access these downloads. Subscription is open and free.
  • DivX Codec 6.8.2 has been officially released. This minor update improves support for PAR on systems with multiple monitors and also corrects problems with DivX 3.11 playback and loading certain MPEG quantization matrices in the encoder. We also ran a quick performance comparison with the DivX 6.7 decoder to illustrate significant improvements in decode performance in the 6.8 codec.

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