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ASP.NET Web matrix

Well, as neowin first leaked a couple of months back, microsoft have released an excellent little tool for asp editing, which is now know as "asp.NET Web Matrix". I got an email today from a friend on the team, who has some further information for us.

They have now released (officially ;)) the program which you can get at the link below. They also have on the site a number of screenshots, along with a walk through, and a online book for people to look at. When i got the file when it was in a very much alpha stage- it was pritty rocking -so i recommend all neowinians to check it out -less than a meg, and very stable. Also - its got an inbuilt IIS server - so you can test it all out locally (no before you ask you cant run your websites of it! you can only access it via the localhost address).

Check the download link for more info, and who knows... another special neowin exlcusive on this program might be on its way.....

View: asp.net

View: Web Matrix Homepage

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