ATi To Announce RD600 Chipset with 3 PCIe Slots

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ATi is expected to announce their most powerful Crossfire chipset, the RD600, in coming days. Temporarily dubbed the ATi Xpress 3200 Intel Edition, the chipset will provide support for Intel's new Conroe processor.

This is no "Joe consumer" chipset, however. Sporting a 1333MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-1066, and independent memory clocking, this is one for the hardcore enthusiasts with some cash to spare. It gets better. The RD600 also has 3 PCIe slots; two for Crossfire ready graphics cards and one for a physics acceleration card. Throw two X1800 or X1900 cards in there and the system will automatically increase the FSB of the PCIe slots from the stock 100MHz to between 125MHz and 150MHz.

The RD600 is expected to be released later this summer.

News source: HKEPC

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