AT&T goes matte green with new Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520 is a big phone, there is no question about that - with a 6-inch display and a 1080p display, it has plenty of screen real-estate. If you had been holding off buying one of these phones from AT&T because you weren't happy with the color options available, there is good news for you today.

AT&T is now offering the Lumia 1520 for $199 (on a two-year contract) and in the lovely color of matte green. Nothing else has changed on the phone, but offering more colors options will likely help move a few units from retail shelves as it gives consumers more choice.

Lumia devices have consistently offered bold and new colors to help Nokia - now under Microsoft - to differentiate its products from the generally bland black and white devices available at most carriers. Microsoft likes to say that Windows Phone is the most personalized OS on the planet and by offering a variety of color phones with the OS, it helps to build upon that statement.

You can hit the source link below to check out the green Lumia 1520. 

Source: AT&T

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