AT&T unveils FiLIP, a smartwatch for kids and parents

AT&T is partnering with FiLIP technologies to bring an interesting new product to its network: FiLIP. It's a less-mature smartwatch for both kids and parents. For kids, it's a cool accessory with nice style and calling functionality. For parents, it's a way to keep track of their kids and stay in touch when necessary.

Kids can see the time as any normal watch would permit, call up to five phone numbers that are programmed into the phone by parents, and receive messages from said parents. Meanwhile, parents can control the watch from an app on their smartphone. They can call the watch, send a message to the watch, locate the watch (and hopefully the kid wearing it) using its built-in locator, and set safe zones for the child so that if he/she enters or leaves a given area, the parent will get a notification.

There's also an emergency mode on the watch. If a child presses and holds the red button for three seconds, the watch will send a text message to all five of the programmed phone numbers containing the child's location, record surrounding audio, call the first number, and then if all else fails call an emergency line.

AT&T has yet to announce pricing or availability of the FiLIP, but it's set to come in yellow, red, blue, or green.

Source: iMore | Image via FiLIP

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