Bastion devs give US airman physical copy

Hearing positive news about different industries is always pleasant, whether it's a small-scale action or huge profits. Bastion developers Supergiant provide the feel-good factor with a story from a user and United States airman, as shown on Reddit.

Redditor 'bolivar-shagnasty', also known simply as 'Richard', a US airman deployed in Afghanistan, was looking to play some Bastion on his PC to pass away the long hours at base. Unfortunately, his connection at the base was so poor he was unable to even connect to Steam to download the game. He turned to Supergiant, asking them if there were any plans to release the game as a physical copy. Supergiant's creative director, Greg Kasavin, responded.

The company did not intend to produce a physical copy of the game. However, they chose to make an exception, and created a single physical copy. While not a labeled disc, Supergiant went out and acquired some DVD-R discs, then burned the game installer to the media. They then sent the game to him, free of charge, with their only request being that he bought it on Steam when he returned home. Paying for a copy on Steam shouldn't be an issue when the company goes that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as customers in general.

Supergiant's Greg Kasavin explained that, while the company regularly receives emails, Richard's case was unique. He was the first person who wanted to play the game, but could not do so because of a poor internet connection. Some Redditors have also commented that they will be buying copies of the game due to the company's act to help Richard play Bastion at base, which is also encouraging for indie developers to hear.

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