Battleborn goes free-to-play with a new trial version on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Gearbox's hero shooter Battleborn has been dealing with a continuously dwindling player base since its launch last year. And now, the studio has announced the arrival of a free trial to the game, which will be available from today.

Although titled a trial, all of the game's competitive multiplayer modes are freely available without any time restrictions. This includes access to Incursion, Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off modes, as well as the upcoming Supercharge mode.

The caveat is that free players only receive a rotating pool of six heroes from the total 30 available in the game, but all hero and account progressions are permanent and will be available even if a hero goes out of the rotation and comes back, without any buildup loss.

New players are also receiving a Novice Queue, which is only available for rank 20 and under players to give some breathing room for learning the game's ins and outs without being clobbered by a veteran player.

Trial players can also unlock other heroes, cosmetic items, story missions and more individually using credits earned via playing or the premium currency - Platinum.

The Battleborn Free Trial is now available to download on Steam, Microsoft Store, and PlayStation Store, with an additional option to purchase the game outright and be elevated to Founder Status, effectively receiving all the walled off content. Anyone who's already purchased the game will also receive Founder Status, as well as a range of in-game items.

The official Battleborn website announcing the new venture also has more details and a FAQ for those interested.

Source: Battleborn | Images: Battleborn (YouTube, Steam)

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