BBC and Microsoft run UK developer event - Mashed

LiveSide has picked up on a event created by the BBC which features Microsoft as a partner.

Entrance is free for all registered participants. There will be Windows Live involvement, with some of the folks from LiveSide also in attendance. The event is organised to see what things people can create. From the event page:

"Arrive on the Saturday morning and listen to real people from the development world showing you how to build things and how to use the systems that will be available to you through-out the weekend - including a full broadcast TV station.

As the talks draw to a close the 24 hour hack begins - there's plenty of food (no it's not all pizza this year - think pie and mash) - distractions for when you need them and if all goes to plan a special event at midnight.

Sunday plods on to the live presentations at 2pm - hosted by a very very special guest star... if you thought last year was a great time - this year we'll blow your socks off.

It's all about you, if you want something let us know and we'll organise it."

If you are interested in attending then register quickly as tickets will be going fast!

View: Register for Mashed 08

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