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Beware: Your CyberPower UPS with yellow glue inside could burn up

CyberPower UPS models CP1350PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCD with fire template image in middle

CyberPower, among a few others, is a leading UPS maker as it is generally known for producing very reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. However, if you happen to own one or more CP1350PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCD UPS, then you should start exercising caution in case your unit is an old one.

According to reports online from users and alike, these UPSs seemingly have a tendency to burn up making them major fire hazard in case someone isn't careful. Unlike the recent Gigabyte PSU fiasco, the cause for fire isn't looking like subpar electronic components. The culprit this time is apparently the yellow glue that is used in these models.

The CP1350PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCD, the rev 1 and rev 2 variants, seem to house this yellow glue inside them as the primary adhesive. While using yellow glue is a common practice in the electronics industry, often used in audio components, among others, it is said to become partially conductive as it gets to older brownish form. So essentially, any such product of yours that houses such an adhesive is potential fire hazard. But of course, it will also depend on the temperatures.

YouTuber Mark Furneaux first brought this problem to notice last year when they published a video about it on their channel. The issue has resurfaced after Reddit user into_devoid posted a video of their CP1500PFCLCD catching fire (via Reddit) when it was switched on.

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