Bing improves image search functionality online, in Microsoft Office, and Edge web browser

The Bing Image Team has announced image search improvements for Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016, for the Edge web browser in Windows 10, and for the online Bing search engine.

The Bing search experience has been updated in Office 2013 and Office 2016 to include tool tips upon hovering over an image that provide additional information related to an image and to include search filters which enable users to focus on search results based on attributes such as color, copyright, size, and type. Introduced in Office 2013, the ability to search for images directly from online sources within Microsoft Office itself can be accessed through the "Online Pictures" option included within the "Insert" tab on the Ribbon UI.

In addition, the "Ask Cortana" context menu option of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 has been updated to search for information related to images. Simply right-clicking an image and selecting the option will provide users with "image dimensions and other sizes available, related images, related searches and more." Previously, this feature was only available for text on a webpage or PDF.

Finally, the reverse image search ('Image Match') feature on the Bing website itself (shown above) has been updated to provide additional details about an image located at a URL or about one that was uploaded to the search engine.

Source: Bing | Images: Bing

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