OnePlus now lets you buy a phone on installments

Are you in the market for a OnePlus 2 but can’t afford to throw down $349 at the time of purchase? Fear not, dear consumer, as OnePlus has made it easier to buy a OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X by giving customers the option to pay through installments.

On their website, OnePlus offers three different installment lengths for their devices (which seems to exclude the original OnePlus One). For the OnePlus 2, there’s a 6-month option for $61.60/month, a 12-month option for $32.33/month and 18-month option at $22.60/month. The OnePlus X has the same installment lengths for $43.95, $23.06 and $16.12 respectively. Each installment plan includes a 19.99% APR.

The installment options are similar to what US carriers are now doing as they’ve moved away from 2-year contracts. "One of the major advantages of our payment system is that it won’t tie you down to a restrictive contract," states a OnePlus representative on the company forum. "With our installments plan you can switch carriers on the fly." This highlights the disadvantage with doing the same thing through a carrier, which still essentially locks you to that network until the phone is paid for.

OnePlus isn’t the first manufacturer to allow installment plans for their phones. Motorola does something similar though Motorola Credit. With OnePlus, the process is done with PayPal Credit. With the company offering free shipping on devices, this is definitely an attractive offer for those of you in the US looking for buy one of the company’s “flagship killers”.

Source: OnePlus

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