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Bing U.S. search market share remained flat in July [Update]

Microsoft’s latest venture into the search arena has been an uphill fight against segment juggernaut Google. While the search engine is worthy of praise, it still has yet to take a sizeable chunk away from Google.

In a report on Forbes, Bing’s market share for the US was down in July from 14.14% in June to 13.39%. This drop is not related to one single source, but was spread over all the other search engines. For the month, Google was up to 64.8%, from 64.5%, Yahoo gained from 17.5% to 17.9%, AOL climbed from 1.28% to 1.31% and even ASK.com jumped from 2.55% to 2.57%.

For Microsoft, this is a small bump in the road as they continue to push forward with the Bing brand. Microsoft knows the value of having a successful search engine and is continuing to push to segment despite heavy losses in that department according to their latest financial results.  

As Bing continues to fight for market share, Google still remains the leader in the market. With a hefty 64.8% share, it is clear that their search algorithm is preferred by most consumers.

The Bing vs. Google search war is far from over. Microsoft has committed to this new platform and is not afraid to go into the red to gain market share for their platform.

Update: Forbes reported inaccurate numbers, while we are not sure where they got their information from, the correct numbers are reported below.


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