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BitTorrent downloads linked to Hollywood film studios

There's a lot of pirated movies, TV shows, games and other copyrighted content that's transferred via BitTorrent web sites. Now there's a new web site, YouHaveDownloaded.com, that can not only trace the IP addresses that have been used for BitTorrent file downloading but also what kinds of files those IP addresses have accessed in their history.

Now TorrentFreak.com has decided to use the web site to see who is downloading what on these sites. The results show that IP addresses belonging to major Hollywood studios such as Fox, Sony and Universal have indeed been used to access pirated material from various location.

For example, a check of the IP address belonging to Sony shows that it has downloaded copy of the recent Conan the Barbarian remake. NBC Universal's IP address downloaded a copy of Cowboys and Aliens along with episodes of Game of Thrones and Two Broke Girls.. The Fox IP was used to download a copy of the recent movie Super 8.

While this is certainly interesting information, it's not 100 percent proof that employees at these companies are indeed downloading pirated material. As the article itself says, "An IP address is not a person, IP addresses can be shared among many people, and anyone can be behind a keyboard at any given time."

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