Blizzard launches new website

Good news, Blizzard fans. A new has been unveiled, all nice and ready to go for public use. There's are a range of changes and the entire look has been overhauled, and there's been changes to the accounts.

Now, you can merge your account with your World of Warcraft account, or in fact, any other Blizzard account. Everything can be contained within one unified account, making it easier to remember everything. Users of older games, such as StarCraft, Diablo or Warcraft III will still have to use their old accounts, now called " Classic."

If you're currently playing World of Warcraft, it's best to read the following from Blizzard's website: "Currently, creating a account and merging World of Warcraft accounts is entirely optional. However, as we continue to build additional functionality into the new, we will eventually require all active World of Warcraft accounts to migrate over to Accounts in order to continue playing." Additionally, all upcoming Blizzard games will require a account, so it's best to make one now, if you haven't already.

Feel free to head over now to and enjoy all the changes and upgrades, and post your feedback on it in the comments below.

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