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Blockbuster Goes With Blu-ray

Sure, there have been recent stories about rotting discs and HD-DVD players outselling stand alone Blu-ray players (or not), but there's good news for the Blu-ray camp, very good news.

With an expected announcement on Monday, Blockbuster Inc. will choose Blu-ray over HD-DVD to stock in a majority of it's stores. The company, since late last year, has been testing both HD-DVD and Blu-ray rentals in 250 stores across the United States. During that period, over 70% of high definition renters chose Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Analysts attribute this consumer preference to the wider selection of box office hits available exclusively on Blu-ray, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Casino Royale", and "Spiderman".

HD-DVD fans will still be able to get their fix, though it will be in limited fashion. Blockbuster will continue to stock and rent HD-DVD films in the original 250 test stores and via their online rental service.

News source: Pittsburgh Tribune

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