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Boeing making self-destructing 'spy phone'

According to an FCC filing, aerospace company Boeing is developing a smartphone that will 'self-destruct', deleting all of its data and software, if the phone is tampered with.

The phone, which is simply called 'Black', will run an Android-based OS capable of deleting all of its data if the device is physically tampered with in any way. According to Boeing, the phone is sealed with epoxy and tamper-proof screws, and any attempt made to break open the casing will trigger a self-destruct mechanism which deletes all of the device's data and software.

Users who want to see the Boeing Black in action shouldn't get their hopes up, though: the phone is designed with spies and government agencies in mind, to "ensure that data and voice communications undertaken by their respective employees are transmitted and stored in a highly secure manner." Boeing also asserts that since the phone contains "trade secrets", all technical information and specifications on the phone will be obscured - and those who are issued a Boeing Black will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement ensuring that they keep quiet about the specs.

There's been no word yet on how many orders Boeing has received for its new spy phone, but considering that the company has previously developed technologies for the United States Department of Defense, amongst other agencies, there's a good chance that some major players will be making good use of it in the near future.

Source: QZ.com | Image via Google

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