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Browser Innovation, Gecko and the Mozilla Project

A nice article on why "browser innovation matters"; ruthlessly pinched from the jaws of Slashdot.

"The goal of the Mozilla project is to promote innovation and enable the creation of standards-compliant client technology to help keep content on the web open. The key to open content is not any particular browser application, but openness, standards compliance and cross-platform technologies. The more people who use browsers based on open, standards-compliant technologies, the better the chances we will all enjoy viable choices in the way we conduct digital transactions.

To meet this goal, mozilla.org hosts the development of key components necessary to develop applications that make use of the web. These include Gecko, our rendering engine, which takes data from the server and displays it for the user; JavaScript, a scripting language standardized as "ECMAScript," which is ubiquitous in both web pages and server applications; and XUL (pronounced "zool"), an XML-based language for creating cross-platform applications. "

View: Read More @ Mozilla.org

News source: Slashdot

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