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Call of Duty 2 PC patch still missing in action

Months and months since Activision and Infinity Ward promised a Call of Duty 2 patch for PC (and X-Box 360 users), we have yet to see it. And news comes now that the patch is "upcoming" while the X-Box 360 version just got its patch the other day, which fixed a bunch of multiplayer issues and added some nice features. What exactly is going on here? Does it really take 4 or 5 months to make a patch that adds Punkbuster support to the game? Does it really take 4 or 5 months to make a patch, test it and give it to users who through all of this, still support the game? Call of Duty 2 is still one of the top first person shooters being played right now, Gamespy stats says it normally sits in the #4 or #5 spot with roughly 10K to 11K players at any given time. Surely with this amount of users, Infinity Ward or Activision would see how badly a patch is needed.

Well when the patch does come, other than Punkbuster support we have two new maps to look forward to. "Rhine" and one of the best maps from Call of Duty 1 multiplayer "Harbor" will be included. Right now servers can run third party programs that somewhat help with the hacking going on, or a server can choose to run in "pure" mode, which checks files and if they do not match the servers files, denies entry into the server. What troubles me more than anything, is that we have to wait this long for the first patch. What does that tell us about future patches and updates? What with Call of Duty 3 down the road, and a horde of X-Box 360 users to support now, things don't exactly bode well for us PC users. Surprising, isn't it? Perhaps Activision and Infinity Ward should go the way Splash Damage and id went with Enemy Territory, and release the multiplayer portion of the game for free.


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