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MX Logic, a firm who has been tracking CAN-SPAM complience, says, "Get a good spam filter, because despite federal law, it's not going away anytime soon."

The numbers don't lie: CAN-SPAM is a bust. Compliance with CAN-SPAM has fallen to a new low, according to recent data collected by MX Logic.

In July, compliance fell for the first time under one percent to a measly 0.54 percent of all unsolicited commercial mail the company sampled during the month.

The Denver-based firm has been tracking compliance with CAN-SPAM since the federal law went on the books in January. Through April, MX Logic's numbers remained stable, with about three percent of spam messages complying with the law's requirements, which range from verifiable return addresses to measures consumers and businesses can use to opt out of mailing lists. In May and June, however, the number slipped to one percent.

"Now it's been halved," said Steve Ruskin, a senior analyst at MX Logic. "No one's really sure what's going on, but it's clear that CAN-SPAM isn't a threat to spammers. They're just ignoring it."

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