Charting a course forward against Multiple Sclerosis with Windows Phone and Azure

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects us all and with Windows Phone and Azure, a team from Ireland is making it easier for patients and doctors to combat this illness with technology available today.

The problem that team was trying to combat was that in Ireland, and around the world, when you are diagnosed with MS, you are given a notepad to document your medication, pains, and all the other relevant information that doctors need to help treat you. With all of the technology around us, a pad of paper is an old fashioned technique that needed to be updated.

Step in team docTek and their solution to bridge Windows Phone with Azure to create a solution that pairs patient input with physician metrics. The application is quite simple and allows the patient to input their medication, pain, mood and other relevant information that is then linked to their doctor. Once a link is established with two-way authentification, the information is then tracked over time and allows for trending and other analytics to help fight Multiple Sclerosis at its core. 

This bridging of information will allow for a more complete documentation of the disease and overall, better treatment to be administered. The company has a business model in place and has already linked an exclusive agreement with the MS society in Ireland to help make sure this application is distributed and help all of those in need. The team is targeting expansion beyond Ireland but are currently working through with beta testers before a wider distribution on platforms outside of Windows Phone. 

Imagine Cup is all about fostering innovation with products we have today and team docTek is leading that charge against Multiple Sclerosis. 

Interested in Imagine Cup? Want to learn more or even register your team for the 2013 challenges? Head on over to Imagine Cup's website to stay updated on all the events for the 2013 competition. 

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