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Check out these eye-watering DirectX 12 demos

Windows 10 will not only be a feature-packed release for enterprise and regular customers but it’s also supposed to be the operating system to beat all others if you’re serious about gaming. The upcoming DirectX 12, launching and being only supported on Windows 10, is supposed to open up a new era of graphics on the PC and consoles.

And based on some of the recent demos unveiled by Microsoft and its partners at Build, we’d say the technology is well on its way to delivering what it promised. Check out the demos below and make sure to set the videos to their highest quality.

This first demo shows a new technology, coming as part of DX 12 called heterogeneous multiadapter. It maximizes performance on some systems by splitting some of the workload between a discrete Nvidia GPU and an Intel integrated GPU. The demo uses Unreal Engine 4 and races the system to a set number of frames.

This second demo is from Square Enix and shows the full power of DirectX 12 and four, yes four, GeForce 980 GTX GPUs working together. While at first you might think this is a pre-rendered video, the demo actually shows in-game graphics. There’s not much more we can say about this eye-watering display of graphics processing, so we’ll leave you to simply enjoy the show.

Source: Ch9, Caith_Sith ( Youtube) via: Windows Central

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