Chrome may allow you to add notes to saved passwords in the future

A few months ago, we learned that Google is introducing the ability to manually add passwords to Chrome. Although the feature still hasn't made its way to stable releases yet, it seems that the company is looking to enhance the capability further before it eventually becomes generally available.

A screenshot showing the addition of notes to saved passwords in Chrome

As noted by active Neowin news tipper and Redditor u/Leopeva64-2, Chrome Canary now allows you to add notes to saved passwords, as can be seen in the screenshot above. The "Note" field is visible both when you're manually adding a new password and editing existing credentials.

While Google hasn't clarified its utility yet, one possible use-case for this would be to keep a list of security questions or storing information about when you last modified the password and when it is set to automatically expire, among others.

Some on the Reddit thread have expressed concern over whether this information will be encrypted or not, but one can assume that Google will only roll out this capability after rigorous testing and ensuring that the best cybersecurity practices are in place, considering it deals with sensitive information.

It's not currently clear if Microsoft Edge will enable this feature as well, but considering that it's based on Chromium too, we might see it there as well for feature parity. For now, the addition of notes is only possible on Chrome Canary 101. This appears to be a staggered rollout as well since we don't have it on our test machines yet. It will likely go through weeks of testing before and if it becomes available on the Stable channel, though.

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