Civilized Cycles unveils its premium ebike Model 1 for $5,499

Civilized Cycles Model 1 ebike

Thanks to the new feature-packed electric bikes, cycling is back in vogue. Riders have plenty of well-priced bikes to choose from brands such as Propella, Rad, and VanMoof to name a few. However, if you are looking for something unique, Civilized Cycles has you covered. The brand has unveiled its Model 1 ebike that offers high-tech features and comfort at a hefty price.

According to the brand, the Model 1 ebike is a result of over five years of development. Civilized Cycle's first bike seems inspired by Vespa moped, which isn't surprising considering that Founder, Zachary Schieffelin, operated a Vespa dealership n the past.

For a comfortable ride, the Model 1 is equipped with a gel foam saddle and a patented self-leveling suspension system. Depending on the weight of the bike, you can adjust the suspension with the press of a button. The bike is powered by a 750W motor. As per Civilized Cycles, the bike has a 30 mile (48km) range on a single charge. It features a 5-speed Sturmey Archer transmission.

Civilized Cycles Model 1 storage

Unlike most ebikes, Model 1 is designed to accommodate two. What's more, the panniers can hold a bunch of grocery bags too. In addition to your fitness regime, this bike will come in handy for shopping or even dropping off your kids at school.

The Model 1 comes with an onboard display, which feeds you essential data such as speed and battery levels. The company is soon planning to launch a companion app that will let you lock the bike remotely over Bluetooth. It will also offer service and maintenance assistance through the app.

The Model 1 comes in Black, Imperial Red, Bond Silver. Expected to ship in Q4 2021, the ebike is up for pre-order at a discounted price of $4,500. If you opt to purchase it later instead, you will have to spend $5,500 to own this premium bike.

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