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Cohere and Accenture partner to boost Gen AI usage in organizations

The Accenture and Cohere logos

Cohere, one of OpenAI’s rivals in the generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) space, has announced a partnership with Accenture to help proliferate gen AI through enterprises. The partnership will see the two companies provide businesses with gen AI solutions powered by Cohere’s generative LLM (Command) and enterprise search technologies (Embed and Rerank).

The Command LLM provides conversational capabilities and should be perfect for summarizing text and chat applications. The Embed models are ideal for improving search applications through company data and documents, and improves retrievals for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) systems. Finally, Rerank is a tool to perform semantic search that helps to provide more relevant and accurate results.

As part of the partnership, Cohere will be working with Accenture to tailor individual solutions to the specific needs of each customer. Explaining this a bit more, the company said:

“Businesses will be able to work with Cohere to build customized models with fine-tuning based on domain-specific knowledge and proprietary training datasets. With this business partnership, Cohere will also leverage Accenture’s cloud, data, and industry expertise to build the most effective business solutions. This technology has already demonstrated great potential in a range of sectors from financial services and technology to retail, healthcare, and more.”

According to Cohere, businesses are moving quickly and are leaving the experimentation phase with generative AI and are now looking to scale the technology to provide business value. By teaming with Accenture, Cohere thinks it can ensure enterprise customers will be able to embed its technology in a secure way that protects data privacy.

If you are a business that’s thinking about using Cohere’s services or whether you’re just an individual looking to try out another generative AI service, you can chat with the AI on the company’s website by logging in. You can use the AI chat on Cohere's website free of charge.

Source: Cohere

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