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Core i7 Skylake processor reaches nearly 7GHz

For individuals who are uncertain of whether the 6th generation Intel processors code-named Skylake are worth the upgrade and your money; this may convince you.

A Hong Kong based professional overclocker by the name of Chi-Kui Lam has set a new record for the Intel Core i7-6700k processor frequency speeds, reaching almost 7GHz clock speeds. In order to reach a speedy 6998.88 MHz was not straightforward, however, as it required the disabling of three of the four cores. In addition, Lam had to utilize the Hyper-Threading technology as well as increase the voltage from 1.2V up to 1.888V.

The components of this record-breaking feat include an Asrock Z170 OC Formula mainboard, DDR4 memory as well as a hefty 1300W power supply unit. Since the processor is working overtime, cooling is achieved by utilizing liquid nitrogen.

One thing to note however is that while a professional overclocker was able to manage such speeds, it remains questionable as whether retail versions of these chips will be able to manage to hit even 5GHz clockspeeds with high-end cooling systems. Another point to keep in mind is that these speeds were achieved with the use of only a single core as opposed to utilizing all four. While certainly impressive, the importance of a single-core CPU in 2015 is not as integral as a multi-core system.

Source: KitGuru

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