Counter-Strike 1.4 Preview

Seen at ice-b0x thanks man for the heads up too that your site is back online.

From Nextwish Gaming Modifications: I woke up this morning and checked my email, low and behold what I saw amazed me. A CS Beta tester, who shall remain anonymous had given me his login so I could play around with CS 1.4.

Anyways, heres a quick roundup of what I've noticed:

  • Jumping has been nerfed, dont even try to bunny jump.

  • New Spectator Modes

  • Para is now uber accurate!

  • You wont hit ANYTHING unless you stop and duck for a good 2 seconds before you fire.
I'm sure your've heard the same from the hundreds of other sites out there, but I'm sure your going to like what I have install for you.

I got bored and decided to make a CS 1.4 Preview Movie. Sounds easy right? Nup. VALVe changed the output format of the startmovie command so, exporting them to BMP's and then into a movie wasnt a option.

After much fiddling around, I managed to work out a viable way to do the capture.

Anyways without further adue, I present to you the CS 1.4 Preview Movie, wieghing in at 36Mb it requires the DivX 4.02 codec.

Download: @ Nextwish Gaming Modifications

They also request mirrors for the movie as the current ones are being hammered, so if you cant get it, you know why.

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