Counter Strike Q&A with Valve's Erik Johnson

Just noticed this over Shacknews.

There is a Counter-Strike Q&A on, which has Valve's Erik Johnson answer some questions about the ever popular Half-Life modification. One of the things mentioned, is that CS 1.6 will actually have new weapons and a riot shield (previously announced for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero).

Computer Games Romania: Do you plan to include new weapons, maps, models or options or will you just fix the bugs from the current version?

Erik Johnson: We'll be adding the Famas, Galil, and Riot Shield to Counter-Strike 1.6. There are a number of smaller changes, but these three will have the greatest effect on gameplay.

There is no release date mentioned for the new Counter-Strike but you can count on it crashing the Internet again.

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News source: Shacknews

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