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Crimson Skies could get Kickstarter campaign

Shadowrun Returns, the upcoming revival of the cyberpunk-themed RPG series, was fully funded via Kickstarter in just 28 hours earlier this month. Now Jordan Weisman, who created the original Shadowrun and spearheaded the Kickstarter campaign, is thinking about reviving another one of his creations, the flying action game series Crimson Skies.

In a chat with Shacknews, Weisman, now the head of the game developer Harebrained Schemes, said of Crimson Skies, "I'm hopeful that's another property that I can approach soon. I'm in discussions with them about that. I'm hoping that we can bring that back to life as well." However, don't look for that Kickstarter campaign to start tomorrow. Weisman added, "I don't want to bite off more than we can chew right now. First comes Shadowrun, and we want to make that great, and then we'll figure out where to go after that."

Weisman first created Crimson Skies as a board game in 1988. The game's setting takes place in an alternate 1930s timeline where flying airplanes is as common as driving a car is in our time. A Crimson Skies PC game was published by Microsoft (shown above) and developed by the now shut down Zipper Interactive in 2000. Later, Microsoft internally developed the Xbox game Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, which came out in 2003.

Image via Microsoft

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