Cyberpunk 2077 gets a 15-minute gameplay deep dive trailer

Just as CD Projekt RED promised last week, Cyberpunk 2077 received another gameplay trailer today, a condensed version of what was shown off at gamescom this year behind closed doors. See the full trailer up above.

Unlike the gameplay segment released last year, which featured a questline, this trailer is primarily about showcasing the gameplay styles players can utilize in their playthroughs. The two class specializations seen today were Strong Solo and Netrunner.

The Solo playstyle uses melee strength enhancements - for simply fighting or open barred doors for instance - and gunplay to go through missions. Netrunner players, on the other hand, have their class built for stealth and hacking. Hybrids are encouraged also thanks to a fluid class building system.

The demo is set in Night City's Pacifica district where the Cyberspace-obsessed Haitian Voodoo Boys gang resides. Johnny Silverhand - Keanu Reeves' character who is haunting the player- is given another glimpse also, with the developer revealing that he has his own agenda and can either be the player's ally or enemy depending on their choices.

The studio also brought in three developers for a separate pre-recorded QnA stream explaining various aspects seen in today's demo as well as in the full game. The team goes through how the non-lethal playthroughs, owned vehicles, and branching storylines, among other things, will work. The video will be embedded below once it is available on YouTube.

Cyberpunk 2077 has an April 16, 2020, release date attached to it, with it heading to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. Google Stadia is also getting the game, but a launch date hasn't been announced yet for the platform

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