Dacris NetXP Component Suite

NetXP, by Dacris Software, is a component suite for .NET. It features controls with full designer support. Some controls included in the suite are balloon tips, rebar, command bar, graph, task pane, and wizard. It also includes a comprehensive Win32 API and MAPI wrapper, and a .NET application loader with splash screen support.

NetXP Contains:

  • Balloon tips

  • Rebars

  • Command bars (with icon menus and toolbars with chevrons) XP style

  • Folder browser dialog

  • High-res timer using performance counters

  • Graph (pie, line, and bar, integrated in one)

  • MultiPage (no-tab tab control for just organizing multiple pages like in a wizard)

  • A chart control for the system tray

  • An encapsulation of the .NET property grid control, visible at design time

  • Extended Checkbox, radio button, button, groupbox, label, panel, picturebox, and drag & drop tab controls

  • An extender provider for adding images to standard menu items

  • An extender provider for status bar messages for menu items

  • An XP style task pane / explorer bar (99% similar to standard Explorer task pane)

  • A few inheritable forms like Dialog, About box, and Wizard 2003

  • A few quick methods to work with message boxes, exceptions, and notifications

  • A taskbar notifier like the MSN Messenger notification window

  • A function that loads an alpha-channel image into an image list

  • A MAPI wrapper

  • A Win32 API wrapper with lots of working DllImported functions
A trial version of NetXP is available for download.

Download: Download Here

View: Product Homepage

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