Dell commits to invest $125B in China over five years

Michael Dell is promising to contribute about $175 billion to the Chinese economy through imports and exports over the next five years, through both an expansion of Dell's research and development programs in the country as well as partnerships with local organizations and targeted investments through Dell Ventures. These moves appear to be aimed at winning over local governments and big business to their PC and IT services businesses. He is calling this strategy "In China, for China 4.0" and aims to support over 1 million jobs in the country, as well as "integrate its future development planning into Chinese economic development and policies."

Dell will be collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to help build an "Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Joint-Lab" as well expanding the already impressive team of nearly 2,000 senior engineers they have doing R&D in China. Dell also wants to be included in China's "Internet+" national strategy and has begun to work with Kingsoft to jointly launch the "Dell-Kingsoft Cloud" to bring cloud services to China, which has a history of distrusting American providers.

The AI lab being proposed will focus on machine deep learning and brain processing and related new computer systems, while Dell Ventures will be focusing on startups interested in storage, cloud computing, big data, mobility, and security.

Source: PC World | Image: China via Shutterstock

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