Demoing the Snapdragon 865 with 4K Dolby Vision video, collaborative video editing, and more

At Qualcomm's Snapdragon Technology Summit in Maui today, the company took the wraps of its newest flagship Mobile Platform, the Snapdragon 865. The mobile chipset includes a ton of cool features, a lot of which have to do with the camera, and some of which have to do with 5G.

After the keynote, I got to check out the demos of the SoC's new capabilities. One of the key new features is the ability to record 4K video in Dolby Vision, so the first thing I checked out was a sample that was running. There's one phone playing the video in SDR and the other in Dolby Vision, and the difference is very real. Unfortunately, there weren't any demos comparing it to other HDR formats.

Another demo, which was probably the coolest, was collaborative 8K video editing over 5G. I watched a Qualcomm representative make changes to a video, adding new clips, and then have it sync to another device. He'd go back and forth between the two devices making changes.

The other big video recording feature is the ability to record 960fps slow motion without a time limit. Current devices cap you at a split second, so you need to record the perfect moment. Now, you can record for as long as you want. The demo I saw was not only supposed to do that, but there was supposed to be AI that turned on slow motion when it sensed fast movement; however, that didn't seem to work well. In fact, the only person that got it to work was the guy doing the demos.

There's plenty to see. Check out the video below:

Qualcomm sponsored the travel and accommodations for Neowin to attend Snapdragon Technology Summit.

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