Destiny 2 Free Trial is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

Bungie is giving everyone a chance to try out its action RPG, Destiny 2, with a free trial. However, a more accurate way to describe this 'trial' would be a to call it a demo, as there seem to be no time limits nor end dates attached to it. The free trial is available now for players on PC via, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, giving limited access to both multiplayer and campaign modes.

From the campaign side, the trial offers missions and adventures that are set on Earth's European Dead Zone and Saturn's moon Titan. These are playable in both solo as well as cooperatively with other players.

Meanwhile, multiplayer fans can make use of the Crucible Quickplay playlist to get their PVP fix, while the Competitive playlist is locked away. Access to the game's clan system also available.

Going above level 7 is not possible for free trial participants, but the good news is that anyone who decides to purchase the game afterward will get to keep all their trial progress with them as they move to the full experience.

Also, the trial arrives just a week before Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of the Osiris, releases on December 5.

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