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Developers: The PSP has "failed"

In a podcast that's supposed to wrap up TGS 2006, the folks of GamesRadar have proudly declared that the PSP has failed. They state that nothing really notable was shown for the PSP during TGS2006 except Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, compared to four to five DS games that were featured at TGS 2006. According to them, the word from Developers at TGS 2006 is that the PSP is either failing or has already failed.

Despite high profile titles like Portable Ops and Square-Enix's Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, the PSP has pretty much almost taken the road of the Gamecube already. It seems that Developers with games that have a sure following are the only ones that have the courage to release titles for the PSP.

The tone of the PodCast's take on the handheld scene is that the DS just has so much more official content compared to the PSP.

And here Sony wonders why the Homebrew scene is growing. Perhaps if they had more "big" games for the handheld during release, or maybe if they welcomed hobbyists and developers the same way Microsoft is welcoming the same people with the XNA, game developers will have a brighter outlook for the PSP. As debatable as it is, the PodCast does raise some very convincing points. Anyway, don't just take what we had to say about GamesRadar's podcast, watch the podcast yourselves.

Download: GamesRadar Podcast | 41.53 MB
News source: QJ.net Presents PSP Updates

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