DirecTV latest suitor for Hulu

If you remember back in 2011, there was a rumor that Hulu was for sale, and DirecTV was one of the leading candidates to purchase the video streaming company That rumor is once again circling the Internet.

Reuters reports that DirecTV is once again interested in making a bid for Hulu, and the price tag is quite high. Apparently News Corp offered $500 million for the service just last month, and other companies such as Time Warner Cable are interested as well. If the acquisition does occur, it will be interesting to see what DirecTV does with this property. It’s possible that the company will use the material to expand their video on demand service, but if they’re going to spend that much money, they probably have bigger plans in place.

Hulu generated $700 million in revenue last year. They have three million paid subscribers and millions of users who pay no monthly fee. Both groups of users support the site by watching advertisements, but the paid subscribers have access to a deeper catalog of content.

Source: Reuters

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