Disney+ doesn't work on Linux yet due to tightened Digital Rights Management

Linux developer, Hans de Goede, has revealed that Disney+ doesn’t work on Linux machines due to tightened Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls that the company has opted to use. According to de Goede, the problem doesn’t only occur in Firefox but the issue arises in Google Chrome too. Apparently, it’s caused by Disney choosing level one security in the Widevine content decryption module (CDM), while Linux, and several Android devices, only support level three.

It’s unclear whether Linux users will be able to enjoy Disney content via the subscription service in the future. The firm is aware of the issue and says that its IT department is “working hard to solve this”. The confirmation of the problem was received by Disney on September 23 and as of yesterday afternoon (European time), the issue has still not been resolved.

Image via Disney

Going forward, Disney is going to have to decide whether it wants to attract Linux users, including those on Chromebooks, or leave them out in the cold. Regardless, Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu all work on Linux because they’re happy using lower level Widevine security settings. Those firms happy to compromise will probably be the ones to attract affected consumers.

Topping off his blog post, de Goede urged Linux enthusiasts not to subscribe to Disney+ for the time being. Instead asking them to contact Disney to ask it to support Linux systems.

Sources: Hans de Goede Via: Phoronix

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