Doom re-releases get 60FPS, add-ons and other features, also now out on PC

Last year, Bethesda re-released the classic Doom games for quite a number of modern platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Today, Bethesda pushed out a major new update to the games adding a suite of new features while simultaneously launching the Doom and Doom II re-releases on PC.

The PC versions are now available to purchase on the launcher, and those who already own the classic original DOS-based games will get the updated versions for free. Moreover, purchasing the new versions also gives copies of the original games.

Moving onto the new features that are now available on all the platforms, the biggest of the bunch is add-ons support for Doom and Doom II. Players may now download and play free add-ons Bethesda has curated, which has TNT: Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment, SIGIL, and No Rest for the Living, with more on the way. PC and Android players, however, can also use their own WAD files in addition to the provided ones to customize their experience.

Other new features that have been implemented include 60FPS support over the 35FPS previously available, quick save and quick load, level select, a weapon carousel, an aspect ratio option, and more, all of which arrive alongside performance improvements and bug fixes. See the patch notes and the add-ons FAQ page Bethesda has setup over here to get the full picture.

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