Dropbox announces new Family plan with 2TB of storage for up to six people

Dropbox has launched a new Family plan for its cloud storage service, which allows up to six users to share cloud storage under a single subscription. The Family plan includes a total of 2TB of storage capacity, which is shared between all the users in the plan.

With the Family plan, each user included in the subscription gets their own space for storing files, but there's also a special folder called Family Room, where files can be made accessible to everyone in the plan. Aside from that, you get the features you'd get out of standalone Dropbox Plus subscription, like automatic backups for specific folders on desktop, or camera roll backups on mobile devices. You also get access to the Vault, a folder that offers additional layers of security, meant for storing sensitive documents such as bank statements or other personal information.

Users in the Family plan also get access to Dropbox Passwords, the company's password management tool that was launched earlier this year. It works pretty much how you'd expect it to, enabling users to sign in more quickly to websites without having to remember every password.

The Dropbox Family plan costs $19.99 per month, or $16.99 per month if you choose annual billing. That's less than two separate Dropbox Plus subscriptions, but it also doesn't increase the amount of storage included, it just allows you to share it with others. Google One works similarly, but its 2TB plan costs just $9.99 per month, while Microsoft 365 Family only offers 1TB for the same price, but each user gets their own 1TB, for a max total of 6TB. That may make Dropbox's offering somewhat less compelling.

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