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Edge Canary gets a built-in feature for sharing files and notes across devices

The most recent updates for Edge in the Canary channel have brought an interesting productivity-oriented feature. Microsoft is currently testing a new capability in the Edge browser to let users store and share files across devices and platforms.

The new feature is called "Drop." It "lives" in a dedicated side panel like Collections, History, Math Solver, etc. The idea behind Drop is to provide users with a cross-platform space for storing various content. You can drag and drop any file or create a note by typing it into a message box. Once synced, items in Drop become available in Edge on your other computers and mobile devices.

The Microsoft Edge browser with an open side panel for sharing files and notes

Overall, Microsoft Edge Drop tries to mimic the "Saved messages" feature in Telegram, a dedicated space for storing anything you want inside the messenger. Unlike Telegram, which provides unlimited cloud storage, Microsoft Edge Drop seems to be dependent on free space available in your OneDrive. Drop settings show a QR code for downloading Edge on mobile, plus a OneDrive storage indicator.

The Microsoft Edge browser with an open side panel showing a OneDrive storage indicator

As of now, Drop is available only in Microsoft Edge Canary 104 for select users. It is a part of a controlled feature rollout, so not everyone can test Drop right now on the latest release. You can try your luck by installing Edge Canary and checking the feature in Settings > Appearance.

The Settings section in Microsoft Edge with the Drop feature highlighed

Another noteworthy feature Microsoft is testing is a native VPN for Edge called "Secure Network." Like Drop, Secure Network is available for a limited number of Edge Insiders in the Canary channel. You can also note that Edge on our screenshots looks slightly different than the one in the Stable channel. That is an experimental Windows 11-like UI, also available only in the Canary channel.

What do you think about having a native tool for sharing files and notes using Edge? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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