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Elon Musk says governments may need to pay to use Twitter

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The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, seems to be quite unsure of whether to keep it a private company or re-list it on stock exchanges. But the Tesla co-founder doesn't seem to vacillate on the issue of making Twitter a paid app for some users.

In one of his recent tweets, Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter will always be free for casual users. In the same tweet, he also proposed that governments and commercial users may need to pay a small fee to use the micro-blogging platform.

We've already heard rumors of Elon Musk pitching to his lenders that he would monetize viral tweets and tweets that contain important information. But now, Musk seems to have made up his mind to talk more about Twitter as paid service publicly. What still remains unknown is the future of the Twitter Blue service.

Since Musk wants to keep Twitter free for casual users, one of the steps the company could take includes getting rid of the Blue subscription service to launch a new set of plans for both governments and commercial users, but nothing is confirmed at this moment. And we should not rule out the possibility of Musk once again deciding to keep Twitter's existing subscription model.

The Twitter Blue service currently costs $2.99 a month. Even if Musk doesn't discontinue the service, he, in all likelihood, will allow users to pay the fee in dogecoin. Before the purchase, the new Twitter owner also showed his intentions to slash the subscription price.

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