Endless Space Collection is free to claim on the Humble Store

Kicking off another giveaway marking the approaching conclusion of its summer sale is the Humble Store, which is now offering Endless Space Collection as a freebie for the next couple of days. As this is the Collection version, it comes with the Endless Space base game as well as its sole expansion Disharmony.

Released in 2012, Endless Space was the first game to arrive out of Amplitude Studios, the developer behind the now popular Endless franchise. The turn-based 4X strategy game gives players a choice between multiple space-faring civilizations to begin their conquest of the universe. This can be achieved through diplomacy and trade, exploration, or as expected, the complete annihilation of other factions.

The included Disharmony expansion adds on the Harmony faction along with new units, reworked UI elements, mechanics, and more to the experience.

Amplitude Studios is currently working on Humankind, a brand new 4X strategy game that seems to be taking aim at the massively popular Civilization franchise.

Humble's Endless Space Collection giveaway arrives as a Steam key, and grabbing it requires signing up for the store's free newsletter. The game is playable on Windows and macOS systems. The giveaway is slated to end on September 14 at 10AM PT or when Humble runs out of its limited stock of keys, whichever happens first, so it’s a good idea to grab one early.

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