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Epox to introduce Nforce 2 IGP in next two weeks

Thanks Tonzy...EPOX IS ALMOST ready to show to the world its new IGP Nforce 2 board that will be available in shops just in time for Santa Claus to buy one and drag one down your chimney, provided it's not blocked up. The commercial name for this board will be EP-8RGA+, it will support all the Athlons and Durons around and will use Nvidia Nforce 2 IGP - 128 Northbridge or IGP (Integrated Graphic Processor) as Nvidia likes to call it and Nforce 2 MCP-T South Bridge.

The board will feature three DIMM modules for up to 3GB of memory, and the chipset will have support for DDR 400 memory and for slower implementations. This will work in synchronous mode so if you have FSB 333 Athlons it will work at 333MHz and 266MHz.

The key difference between this IGP and the reviewed SPP board that you can see here is that this board features Geforce MX core on board and will provide two display connectors on board for dual display configurations. How Nforce 2 Geforce MX will perform is so far a mystery to us but we are told that it will perform between Geforce 4 MX 420 and 440 speeds.

As for expansion slots, the ATX board will have AGP 8X as well as six PCI slots, two UDMA 133 controllers for up to four devices and six USB 2.0 ports. There will be Firewire as well as a smart card interface, memory stick and SD memory cards support.

News source: The Inq

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