Evernote, Box executives warn developers not to avoid Windows platforms

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with Windows devices, which Evernote and Box executives support.

Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 have been relatively slow to get major applications in their app stores, but executives from two well-known app creators say developers shouldn't ignore Microsoft's platforms.

At Business Insider's IGNITION Mobile conference on Thursday, executives from Evernote and Box said they've supported Microsoft's Windows platforms for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons, Evernote CTO Dave Engberg said, is that Windows Phone users consistently use their devices.

"The average revenue per user is more than it is for Android," he said, according to CITEworld, and later added that Windows Phone is "solidly in third place" in the smartphone operating system war, ahead of BlackBerry.

Engberg emphasized that creating second-rate HTML5 apps instead of native apps was a recipe for disaster, implying that users will notice when companies don't put their full effort into an app's development. Cross-platform HTML5 apps, he said, simply would result in a negative user experience.

Box COO Dan Levin echoed Engberg's comments about not ignoring Microsoft platforms. The enterprise market, he said, is still dominated by Windows.

"You'd be stunned at how many CIOs and IT people in places like Kansas City say that whatever Microsoft ships is the only thing they'll consider," Levin said. "We can't even have a conversation with a CIO that doesn't include Windows."

Microsoft's recently released platforms have slowly seen more support from major developers. Twitter, for instance, finally released its Windows 8 and Windows RT app earlier this month, a move that followed the company's massive overhaul of its Windows Phone app. Additionally, Pandora released its Windows Phone 8 app yesterday after a lengthy development.

Source: CITEworld | Image via Microsoft

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