Excel gets new function for inserting images into cells

Microsoft has announced a new function for Excel, thus addressing a popular request to let users insert images directly into cells. The IMAGE function is now available in preview versions of Excel on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Inserting images into cells instead of floating on top unlocks many new scenarios, such as tracking inventories, creating employee dashboards, or building games and brackets. In addition to mere image insertion, the IMAGE function supports additional properties for better customization and accessibility. You can add alt text and specify size, width, and height.

To insert image into a cell, type =IMAGE(source). Here is an example: =IMAGE(“https://support.content.office.net/en-us/media/2d9e717a-0077-438f-8e5e-f85a1305d4ad.jpg”, “Sphere”).

An image of a sphere inserted into a cell in Excel

Note that the IMAGE function has several limitations and known issues:

  • If the URL to the image file you are using is pointing to a site that requires authentication, the image will not render.
  • Zooming in and out with images in cells may distort the images.
  • Moving between platforms (for example, Windows and Mac) may result in irregular image rendering.

To try the new function, update Excel on your device to version 2209 (build 15608.10000) on Windows, 16.65 (build 22080701) on macOS, 2.65 (build 22080701) on iOS, or 16.0.15608.10000 on Android. Keep in mind that Microsoft rolls out new features over time to ensure everything works as it should and to prevent the spread of potential bugs.

You can learn how to join the Office Insider program on its official website.

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