Facebook hits 10 billion photos

Facebook has revealed that it has hit a huge milestone, 10 billion photos are stored on the site.

Doug Beaver, a Facebook engineer, revealed the statistic yesterday evening on the companys blog. Perhaps more impressive is that 2-3 Terabytes of photos are being uploaded to the site every day. The company has just over one petabyte of photo storage and serves 15 billion photo images per day.

Beaver also revealed "To celebrate, we got a bunch of cupcakes and handed them out to our engineering and operations groups. One of our engineers calculated that if we had gotten one cupcake for each of our photos, and lined them up side by side, the line could reach halfway to the moon."

A year ago Facebook was serving 3 billion photos a day, had 160 terabyes of storage for photos and 60 million photos were being uploaded each week. The company believes the photo application is one of the most popular areas of the site.

According to Cnet, rivals Photobucket and Flickr stand at 6.2 and 2 billion respectively.

In reality, Facebook stores four image sizes for each uploaded photo, so that's over 40 billion files stored altogether.

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