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Facebook launches new Ticker, only to take it away

There was a social network uproar on Twitter today over Facebook's new sidebar ticker, which showed all of your friends latest activity, including recent posts, activities, what they've been doing and more. The sidebar feature called "Ticker" was briefly available to users before being taken down for unknown reasons.

Many users believed Facebook had launched a new feature, but the reaction may have been less than positive. Facebook users instantly turned to Twitter to share their opinions about the new sidebar application, which may have prompted Facebook to take it down, possibly to tweak things before re-launching again.

Facebook hasn't officially posted any information about the launch of the sidebar ticker or the removal of the feature. It could have accidentally been pushed to millions of Facebook users, but for whatever reason, Facebook has removed it from view for everyone.

One Neowin reader named Tyler managed to snap a screen capture of the feature before Facebook removed it. Just based on the photo, you can see why many users might possibly be upset, the feature could be a huge privacy concern for many, alerting all your friends when you signed on.

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