Facebook used to track 'dine-and-dashers'

An owner of an Australian restaurant was left in the possession of a hefty bill after five young diners fled the restaurant after their meals. Owner Peter Leary from the restaurant 'Seagrass' which lies on Melbourne's southbank reports that the diners ordered oysters, trout and expensive wines and then proceeded to leave for a cigarette, and never returned.

The bill totaled $340 USD but Leary recalled one of the diners asking about a former waitress. Leary contacted this waitress who suggested that he look through some of her contacts on Facebook.

Upon searching a few names, Leary recognized one of the diners and it was revealed that the young diner worked at a nearby restaurant. Leary contacted the nearby restaurant and shortly after the young diner returned, apologized and paid the bill, leaving a generous tip for the trouble caused.

Shortly after the young diner was then fired from his job at the nearby restaurant.

Facebook, social networking and seemingly a bit of social justice as well.

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