Facebook will now show 'authoritative' sources for searches relating to Holocaust

Facebook updated its hate speech policy last year in an effort to ban posts and content intended to spread false information about the Holocaust. Today, the social media giant announced a new update that aims to help combat anti-Semitism beyond the platform.

Guy Rosen, Facebook's Vice President of Integrity, wrote in a blog post that you will now see "authoritative information" when you search for terms relating to the Holocaust. The goal is to connect you to the website About Holocaust, which was created by the World Jewish Congress with support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Rosen added that the latest steps come in the wake of the growing anti-Semitism sentiments worldwide and the widespread ignorance about the events that led to the genocide of six million Jews. He noted that this lack of full understanding of the Holocaust is more prominent among the youth.

About Holocaust contains historical information about the systematic persecution perpetrated by the Nazis and their collaborators as well as testimonies from survivors. The new feature is rolling out in English across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland, and the U.S. from today, with plans to bring it to more territories in the next few months.

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