Fake Bluetooth gear swamps UK retail

Phone retailers are about to discover that they risk legal action for selling fake Bluetooth gear. Over 50% of Bluetooth equipment on sale in the UK is counterfeit, according to a survey. And that figure is set to rise. By year end, as little as 15% of the "Bluetooth" equipment on sale in retail outlets may be genuine, say SIG members.

Unlike fashion fakery, a fake Bluetooth device is not merely a trademark infringement; it's very probably going to fail to work properly - and so a blitz is being planned on suppliers of these tiny wireless gadgets, some of which "have only 10% of the range expected." The counterfeiters are apparently preparing to flood the market with even more fakes for the end-of-year boom expected in hands-free Bluetooth gear, which is expected as the result of impending legislation in several countries about driving with cellphones.

The campaign will be orchestrated by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, inspired by frustration felt with the retail trade by members, particularly TDK Grey Cell, a leading supplier. Essentially, high street phone shops are not asking questions. "It ought to be easy for retailers to check, but there seems to be a strange reluctance to do so," said Nick Hunn, managing director of TDK.

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News source: The Reg

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