Fans and cooling

Some chilling review for you all :-).

1. 3dXtreme: Crystal Blue LED Fan Review

"A combination of cooling and lighting all from one product in a case will always catch a Computer Case Modder's eye. Modding has always been the craze with computer enthusiasts and lately lighted fans have been the cool, new fad amongst them. Every computer owner from overclockers to gamers have fans in their computers. It would always be nice to have those fans emit some light so they could show off a bit. Today we will look at a new product supplied by Bill Morales from the CoolerGuys, that has combined both cooling and lighting in to one. This product is the Crystal Blue LED Fan."

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2. ZALMAN CNPS-6000 CU Cooler @

"With its sweet looks and easy install/removal design the ZALMAN CNPS-6000 CU Cooler is one of the more interesting coolers out there. They have packaged; quality and great cooling into this product, however, it comes at a higher price then your regular copper cooler."

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3. 80mm Fan Roundup @ DeviantPC

"The best compromise between noise and airflow has to be the Thermaltake smart fan. Thermaltake has shown us that the sensor is not just a gimmick and actually possesses a fast response time and reacts well to the changes in case temperature. The fan speeding up and slowing down could be irritating if your room temperature fluctuates wildly, but for general usage it is one of the best."

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4. Equip a P4 with an SK6

This is quite interesting- authors note- when looking one will look at the plastic things used to attach the cooler- would those melt??!!!

"Our resident overclocker Naser has managed to attach the awesome SK6 heatsink on a P4 CPU and is reporting a good 5-7 degree drop in temperatures compared to P4's stock heasink."

View: Pics / How to on Forum @ Tbreak

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